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Thursday, August 31, 2006

The REAL Kerrrr-SPLAT!

Well, as I posted earlier in another blog entry, I went splat, but that was nothing. This is what the referral said;

Re: Mr 'Mitey'


HISTORY: ? fracture radius.

FINDINGS: There is an undisplaced fracture involving the medial aspect of the radial epiphysis with the fracture line extending to the articular surface. There is also minimal cortical buckling along the lateral border of the distal radius at the level of the physis. Soft tissue swelling is noted over the dorsum of the rist.

No further abnormality is seen in relation to the wrist.

So there it is, but here is my interpretation;

Dear Doc,

Mitey was stupid enough to believe that he could use the ramps at Bass Hill without the proper padding on his wrists, and as you can clearly see, this injury is caused by his own stupidity, and is probably caused by him not listening to those who rollerblade regularly.
Please see that you slap him over the head at least twice. One more if you feel it necessary.

Monday, August 28, 2006

No.1 Contender Match

Next week on Monday night RAWR we will see a brutal match against two of the most eligible people for the championship! It will pit Jonathan against Andrew Dee in an epic battle of strength and endurance to see who will face Cameron at a Pay-Per View event for his title!

Jono VS Andrew Dee

The fight will take place next week (obviously at the end of a long show, so you HAVE to watch the whole thing.) in a very specially brutal match called 'Irish Breakdance Fighting'!

Tune in this week (whenever we got off our butts) to see all the action, action you can only see here on Mitey's blog!

Changing Hands.

Monday night RAWR went off with a bang (taped on Sunday night! hehe) with the World Heavyweight championship being contended most of the night, and changing hands multiple times!

Tiffany defeated Mitey (left)...

...then Josh (right) defeated Tiffany...

...then Jono defeated Josh...

...but while they weren't watching Evan took the title only to be smacked with it by Cameron causing a 'Stacks On' title match, where Cameron came out on top, and Cameron (right) becomes the title holder this week!

I think...

(Once again, no idiots were harmed in the making of this blog entry, but we really tried this time!)

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Change of Contacts.

I changed my email address tonight, the reason being that I was getting an unfortunate amount of 'fan mail' offering me all sorts of nifty accessories and paraphanaghlia (Sorry if I spelt it wrong Mum, I'll fix it later!)

You should drop me a line on if your ever in my neighbourhood xD

Thursday, August 24, 2006

RAWR Tonight!

Tonight on Monday Night RAWR! (taped on a Friday) we shall see the WWE Champion Ardu defend his title against the upcoming star Mitey!

Without a doubt the match was fairly fought, but Mitey got the advantage while the WWE Champion was busy checking his hair in a small mirror he had bought to the ring. Mitey took advantage using a well placed DDT through one of the barricades. He then dragged him into the ring for the big finale, The Portrait! (drawing him in such a disgusting and grotesque way as to psyche-out the opponent) and covered him for the win!

Here is a picture of the new champion after the match.

(No idiots were harmed in the making of this blogger entry.)

More Ideas For Munchkin Cards

Here are some more ideas for your amusement.

-Play Scrabble against Mum:

You are distracted. This bites because your using all your brain power to think of ways to foil her in her own game. For the next 3 turns you cannot assist another player with their combat, or take combat yourself.

Bad Stuff: Now go think of some words to scrabble, and come back when she flogs you!

-The Cute Little Harmless White Bunny Rabbit. (level 15)

Looks can be decieving, or haven't Monty Python movies taught you not to trust such things?
Bad Stuff: The player and any player assisting must remove 1 level.

-The Pied Piper (head+1h item)
(Image of a smiling Piper with a pie splattered all over his/her face)

Add +3 to your combat. If a curse card is played that makes you loose one small item, your head item or all weapons this card is taken away.

-Big 'Ol Bag of Miracles.

No Curse cards may be played against you in this round of combat. Also dispells all curses from you. Can only be played once, except when Eorl and Banjo decide to gang up on Lauren because she is winning.

-Cranky Old History Teacher. (Level 10)
Don't get in their way, or you'll be researching The Life and Times of Henry the 8th or Hitler's Moustache Brushing Techniques.

Bad Stuff: After-School Detention. Miss one turn and don't do it again!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

My First Kerrrrr SPLAT!

Proud to say that last night I fell over on one of the ramps while skating. In regards to my previous post I suppose I am starting to learn something now.

Bonus is that I feel fitter from all this skating.

Thought I might see if I could get some comments on my blog (since the regulars seem to have disappeared!) So if your name is below, and you usually leave a comment then know that I'm picking on you because you stopped leaving comments!
Carris: :(
Mum: I know Loz's blog is better, but you can still post on mine!
Loz: Yeah. Promises are promises. You promised to post, that was 2 weeks ago!
Starflower: Sign up! Leave comments!
Jeril: You too big guy.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Left, right, left, right, splat!

This image may explain why I am not at my computer Monday nights. But if it doesn't, let me reiterate.

Timothy and myself spend our Monday nights skating in the park in Bonnyrigg, which includes scenic paths, beutiful wide open spaces, concrete, and a skate ramp.

Sounds lovely? Yes. Indeed.

Tried doing the 'bowl' in skates. Its a learning experience, but the only way to learn how to do one of these sports is to stack it heaps.

So not having fallen on my ass at this stage, proves I haven't learnt anything yet.


Sunday, August 20, 2006

Queens of the Stone Age

See the bottom of my blog to view Queens of the Stone Age, In My Head.

Cool video. Thanks to youtube!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

This one isn't funny.

Might be wondering where I've been.
I found life, love and stuff.

And when I found it all I wanted was to get away from it again.

I was lead to believe I'd live happy if I followed a path of niceties and good practices of being nice to people even when my customers are complete wankers.
This is to all those who thought World Of Warcraft was bad. Life is worse.
On Wow, you can prevent scamming, help kill monsters, make allies with people that will last a lifetime, speak however you like and be completely without regard for other people's feelings.


Where as life grabs you by the balls, yanks you around till you feel happy. Then drops you on your head.

I'll take WoW back any day.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Showdown of the Super Heroes

There should be a new universal rule for all those who wear Superhero costumes, shirts, and jumpers.

The idea came to me shopping at Woolworths last night at around 10pm for cereal.
The gentlemen in Aisle 3 was also wearing a Superman shirt. I suddenly felt like a cowboy in the old west. This Aisle wasn't big enough for the 2 of us (And he was in the way of the Just Right!)

Superhero Apparel Rule #1
When challenged, both Superhero challengers must have a game of Scissors, Paper Rock to the death to decide who will be the victor and the more dominant superhero.

Superhero Apparel Rule #2
When challenged, if a player refuses they must remove their Superhero apparel immediately as it is no longer in their interest to be mocked by the victor.

Maybe it might catch on. I challenge you to a superhero duel!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Ideas for Munchkin cards

The following are some of my ideas for the blank cards in the Munchkin expansion series.

-Clean Lauren & Eorl's apartment. Miss 2 turns.

-Sooper Glue: Your fingers are stuck together! This prevents you from using any +Bonus cards until your next turn. No card or armor

-The Son of Rohan is losing!: Anyone who was named after a character in The Lord of The Rings may choose to use this card against an opponent when they are losing. This card can also be played by those who changed their names to the proper spelling, and any other person who was named after a fictional character from a medieval story. Adds +10 to the level of the monster/s in play.
-Twan-Twan: Can be sliced open during combat to give a +5 in combat. After this remove this card from play. Normally gives +1 to combat because you are considered taller.

-XVII Sports Car upgrade: Mount now has more speed! All curses will now miss you as long as your mount is still in play. Usable only once on one mount. If the mount is taken from play so is this upgrade.
-The Emo Fan (level 4): A sad, discouraged person who listens to depressing music. -2 to elves. Can be beaten instantly if a Dwarf laughs at The Emo Fan. 1 treasure.

-The Parent With Annoying Knowledge Of Every Abba Song Ever Written! (level 20): Ahhh! +3 against any human unless using Earplugs. 4 treasures, 2 levels if defeated.

-The N00b player (level 1): A begger of the virtual world. Just kill it so we don't have to explain anything to it or give it any of our treasure. 1 treasure (How they got it, we'll never know.).
-The 'I'm tired - I'm going to bed' potion: The monster has no regard for your presence in his dungeon, and refuses to fight you. Unfortunately works on players also, with 'L' as the first letter in their name. May choose to sleep at any time, no matter the surface.

-Wizard's Strong Brewed-Black-Caffinated-Beverage: +5 to combat for the next turn. Usable only once. On your next turn roll a dice. If you roll 4 or less your Bonus cards are not usable in this turn only, it seems the Wizard's brew has sent you into a sugar crazed fit of giggles.
-Earplugs of Haha, I can't hear you!: One of the best ways to stop monster's songs. Can also be used against 'Annoying pop song on loop'. Headgear.

-Annoying Pop Song On Loop. +3 against any monster with ears. No other player may help you in this battle and you must face the monster alone if this card is in play.

Probably more to come at a later date.

Rmrm frum himmim ninnenen

Translation: I still can't think of anything.

The new episode of the Simpsons was being advertised tonight. Homer and Marge are standing in the crow's nest when Homer spots land. He yells 'Land Ho!', Marge looks at him and says 'What did you just call me?'
Probably not funny, but what was funny was that Dad didn't get it, but Mum and I did, which made us laugh even more.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Anyone seen the Super Mitey Munchkin?

Munchkin is a hilarious card game which is a spoof of Dungeon and Dragons, World of Warcraft and other related board games.

So the cards I had were:
+1 Eleven-Foot Pole
+2 Feet Worse Than Death

I was also Cursed! with Necrophobia (means I was scared of undead)

I was a Super Munchkin (allowing me to be 2 classes)

I was also a Half Breed (allowing me to be 2 races at once)

It was simply one of the best hands in the game, and I couldn't understand why I wasn't winning
Well not really, my brother-in-law buys all these excellent games. Just wanted to brag about the idea of being a Cleric Theif, who was a Gnome Elf and scared of undead.

Thursday, August 03, 2006


Matt Striker a 'pro wrestler' with a big mouth on recently posted this about our fair country. From :

With pad and quill in hand (a quill is an ink pen with a feather in it for
those of you not “in the know”) I welcome you into “The Continental Classroom.”
(You see, Australia is a con-tin-ent and my forum is called the classroom ...and
you get the idea.) The following is a list of things that we WILL NOT do in the

1. I refuse to answer to or refer to anyone as “mate.” I am not a boating
enthusiast, nor am I fan of slang.
2. I will not engage in or wish anyone a “g’day.” Conjunctions (two words
joined together by an apostrophe to form a single word) are for the lazy and I
refuse to stoop to the level of the locals.
3. No matter how exhilarating or fascinating I find something, never once
will it be described as “bonzer.”
4. I will not consume anything prepared on a “barbie.”With that said, we’re
off to the land of Outback Jack, Superstar Bill Dundee and Bon Scott (feel free
to look these names up). I have to admit: I am very excited. This will be the
fourth continent I have visited in my wrestling travels. I suppose you can call
me a “mental missionary,” seeing as how I spread wisdom wherever I go.

Alright loser, heres what you should know about Australia.

1. The word 'Mate' is not a slang term. It is used to refer to someone as a friend, so since you have no friends I don't see you needing this word at all.

2. We are not lazy for having the word 'G'day' within our social dictionary. At least we are a country who are creative enough to shorten things down. Something you could never learn from a 'teacher' such as yourself.

3. The word 'Bonzer' isn't used any more. You missed the 70s in Australia, stop trying to bring back the past, and update your American/Australian lingo.

4. I hope you don't consume anything on a barbie because preferably it is good food, and the less you like it the less inclined you will be to stay in our country.

For a 'teacher' you haven't researched Australia enough. If it was my graphic design teacher you would find that as inadequate research and fail you instantly.

/beef against asshat.