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Thursday, August 31, 2006

The REAL Kerrrr-SPLAT!

Well, as I posted earlier in another blog entry, I went splat, but that was nothing. This is what the referral said;

Re: Mr 'Mitey'


HISTORY: ? fracture radius.

FINDINGS: There is an undisplaced fracture involving the medial aspect of the radial epiphysis with the fracture line extending to the articular surface. There is also minimal cortical buckling along the lateral border of the distal radius at the level of the physis. Soft tissue swelling is noted over the dorsum of the rist.

No further abnormality is seen in relation to the wrist.

So there it is, but here is my interpretation;

Dear Doc,

Mitey was stupid enough to believe that he could use the ramps at Bass Hill without the proper padding on his wrists, and as you can clearly see, this injury is caused by his own stupidity, and is probably caused by him not listening to those who rollerblade regularly.
Please see that you slap him over the head at least twice. One more if you feel it necessary.


  • At 2:53 PM, Blogger MiteysMum said…

    I am most happy to schlap you, as many times a day as you need to feel better, lol.


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