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Monday, July 31, 2006

Army update

So I finished my chaplain and scouts and have now found three space marine bikes that I put away earlier because I deemed them too difficult to paint at the time of purchase. My army now consists of around 2000 Points, and I am yet to put together an army list for them. Although I trust Jono would love to help me out with this chore somehow right mate?

Commander Lysander
3rd Battalion Captain and Command squad with Standard Bearer, Company Champion and Apothecary
Chaplain with power fist and chaplain close combat weapon.
Emperor's Champion with 'The Black Sword' and Master-crafted bolt pistol.

Dreadnought with Twin-Linked lascannon, closed combat weapon and storm bolter.
Terminator Squad 5 members with power fists and storm bolters, with sergeant with power weapon and terminator with autocannon.
Techmarine with retinue of 2 Combat Servitors and 2 Weapon Servitors.

Tactical Squad 'Fist' Sergeant with bolt pistol and power fist. 1 Heavy bolter, 1 flamer and 7 marines with boltguns.
Tactical Squad 'Hammer' Sergeant with bolt pistol and thunder hammer. 1 Meltagun, 1 Missile Launcher and 7 marines with boltguns.
Tactical Squad 'Regalia' Sergeant with bolt pistol and chainsword. 1 Plasmagun and 1 Missile Launcher. 5 marines with boltguns.
Rhino APC addon with smoke launchers and pintle mounted storm bolter.
Scout Squad 'Cena' Sergeant with shotgun and close combat weapon. 1 Heavy Bolter, 3 with close combat weapons and bolt pistols, 2 with shotguns and three with boltguns.

Fast Attack:
Assault Squad 'Flying Fists' Sergeant with storm bolter and chainsword. 1 Flamer and 3 marines with bolt pistols and chainswords. All have jump packs.

Heavy Support:
Devastator Squad 'Heavy Fists' Sergeant with boltgun. 1 Missile Launcher, 1 Plasma Cannon, 1 Heavy Bolter, 1 Lascannon.
Whirlwind with smoke launchers and pintle mounted storm bolter.
Vindicator with smoke launchers and pintle mounted storm bolter also has machine spirit.
Predator Annihilator twin linked lascannon, heavy bolter turrets and smoke launchers.

What you see is the entirity of the army and models I have available. I hope to add the following in the future:
Elites: Another terminator squad of either class.
Troops: add 2 more boltgun armed marines to squad Regalia just to get it up to its full number of available units. Maybe another 1 or 2 scout or tactical squads to fill up the army list.
Fast Attack: Where I lack the most units, or attack points. Increase the number of my assault squad and maybe add another unit. Possibly add 3 Land Speeders of various designation. Also finish the bike squad I am working on, and maybe add members to it at a later stage.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Cherry Cola

So I purchased myself a Lego Star Wars replica of Boba Fett's Slave 1 the other week and thought it would be a worthy idea to personalise the vehicle. I have had the Jango Fett's version since the Ep2 release way back in 2002 somewhere abouts. So when the Boba Fett model was released I thought it would have some great additions of new weapon systems and hidden cool bits.

I was a little disappointed to find out that it didn't have much in the way of differences apart from the missile system and the cargo bay for the Carbonite encased Han Solo 'brick'.
Hey Lego! I was expecting more.
So the story is that when Boba was old enough to peruse the galaxy in a Firespray Class Anti-riot spacecraft he modified it significantly in an attempt to make it more useful in the field of bounty hunting in the galaxy far, far away.

So I made a few modifications myself. She may not look like much but she has it where it counts.
Why I felt the need to post about it here, God only knows.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Ideas for the next season of The OC

Ok, so I watch The O.C, but trust me when I say it gets chicks attention (hey, them laughing at me is still classed as attention!) But here are some ideas for the next season:

-Summer drops out of College and becomes a stripper, putting The OC up to an R rating, and also getting more male veiwers instead of teenybopper 15 year old girls who haven't hit puberty yet.
-Seth finally admits to coming from another planet/galaxy (one far, far away!)
-Ryan gets a car, and doesn't manage to get it destoryed during the same season!
-The OC hooks up with crap soapie Passions and somehow ressurect Marissa. Bleh, forget that one.
-Film it in Australia. Apparently our beaches are better, and so is the price of hiring studios and getting closed sets. Neighbours and Home&Away make this evident enough.
-Sacrifice Marissa's mum to some weird abomination created by one of Seth's flawed science projects.
-Just sink the Californian coast into the ocean. Then we can retain it as The OC, but it will stand for Ocean County.
-Bring on some better musical acts. I would like to see some of the following: Queens of the Stone Age, Eagles of Death Metal, Grinspoon, Powderfinger, Smashing Pumpkins, Silverchair, Foo Fighters. All of these would be suitable.
-Write something like the Home&Away script. Rating are getting low so have a hurricane and a fire and a prison break and an emergency plane crash all in the one hour episode.

Maybe they might see my suggestions, and ask Seth Mcfarlane (Family Guy) to direct.

-If Mcfarlane is chosen to direct, Summer and Seth have a baby boy who tries to kill his mother, is a little bit homosexual and a mad genius. Call him Stewy.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Scouts shouldn't be yellow!

So I have this dilemma with the scout squad I am painting. The army I collect are the Imperial Fists Space Marines, and they are predominantly a white undercoat with yellow ink over the top. With the scouts which are supposed to be a supporting troop choice they are able to infiltrate so I have chosen to not paint them yellow!

"Hey, big boss, do you see those yellow troopers in the woods trying to sneak their way to our position?"

"Why, yes I do. What a stupid color choice!"

*Shoots at scouts*

See? Its unethical to think of an infiltrating unit to be yellow, and seeing as how they are based on a desert-like planet they should be browns and clay associated colors. So my question is this:

Just what color should these guys be painted?

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Long artistic streak coming!

Maybe you don't know about this, but I collect Warhammer 40,000 and spend my time under the banner of the Imperium with my two armies which I have been collecting for many years, prior to their new codexes. The first army I fell in love with was the Sisters of Battle. This band of sisters was dedicated to the preservation of the churches of Terra and to the eradication of those who threatened the Imperium of Mankind. This was an army that I never saw much of, so it increased my interest in it as when people would ask what army I played I would say 'Sisters of Battle'. Most of the reactions were mocking gestures sometimes served with a side of uncontrollable laughter. That was until I stood victorious over their ruined army of Space Marines or Tau.

So many years later I decided to return to my roots and reignite a passion for the Space Marines. Knowing well that the new codex was due and with it various Special Characters, I set about to figure out which ones I wanted to use. In conclusion to all my research I came across the seige masters of the Imperial Fists chapter, and their leader Commander Lysander in some sweet termie armour.
So The Sisters of the Matyrd Flesh and The Imperial Fists 3rd Battalion were born.

Last year I purchased enough blisters to make up a full unit of Dominions (a Fast Attack choice sporting some nice assualt weapons) and two boxes of Space Marine Scouts to make a full squad of 10 ( a Troops choice and valuable infiltrators) So for the last 7-8 months they have been sitting in a box but now I have enough attention to complete them!

So right now my desk looks literally like a warzone with all the attention passing between those models, but as well as some late additions!
Less than 6 months ago there was a conversion on Games that involved the new Rhino troop tank MK3 and the old metal components for the Vindicator model. This careful combination was the firepower I needed so I set out to start one, painted it poorly and stopped. Then there is the chaplain I bought yesterday, to fill up a HQ choice in my Space Marine Command Squad.

So enough to say that I will have my work cut out for me in the coming weeks!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Sick of reality television

This is a grand Crusade. In this epic battle there are two sides. Those who believe reality television is an interesting insight into the lives of others, and the other side who see this act of snooping into situations of other persons private lives condescending and perverted. You can probably guess that I hope to wipe out reality television shows such as the infamous big prize winning shows such as 'Survivor' and 'Big Brother' but what are we for watching these faeces of television?

The reason I write this is because as a watcher of pay TV I can not help but notice the number of ridiculous television shows springing up in some hope of attracting people!

For example in this years Big Brother AU there was a 'turkey slapping' to another housemate who had both male persons involved booted out of the house. Then there are the infinite amount of date shows on MTV and others promising to hook someone else up with their perfect date by either blindfolding them and making them lick cream off their toes, to messing around with the items contained in their bedrooms!S

o my idea for reality television is this. Take a big stick of dynamite and apply generously to say reality television programme. Light the fuse and run.

With enough luck Gretel Keleen will be caught in the explosion along with her wardrobe and she might look better for being covered generously in dresses and pants instead of hanging out of her indecent frocks of teenage nature.
Give it up grandma!

Another thing that frustrates me about these shows is they intend to isolate the contestants to get some more 'reality' going in some hopes of creating tension between people. How are you supposed to know what anyone is like when they are locked up like prisoners and made to do things that they don't normally do in everyday life like some sort of circus clown?Easy, this is the result of a nationwide gathering of idiots that want their faces on television in some hope of making a name for themselves. I think Rove McManus said it right a few weeks back.

"...Big Brother these days just seems to be a place to show off your latest breast enlargement or come out as a gay farm hand. Or to prove that you are one of the most boring people in Australia."
[Maybe not word for word but the short funny guy had a valid point!]

So grab your pitchforks and torches and your 'I hate your dress Gretel' pickets and join the queue of people who are seeing through this trash television.

And while you’re at it, bring back Cheez TV! Bloody channel 10...

Monday, July 17, 2006

Foot in Mouth Disease.

Seems many of us suffer from this disease of making yourself feel like an idiot by not thinking about something you say before you open your pie hole. I have this problem, but I think my foot tastes nice.

Well? What are you doing!

Well it seems like I have inherited something from my parents that prevents me knowing what is going on till the last minute. Seems my big sister had it, now I have it. Sounds like a really bad cold I know. But TAFE (College for those not in NSW) still won't return my calls about what classes I am doing this simester.

So we wait.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Leave Comments Behind!

Sign in and post a reply to my ramblings!
I like looking at your feedback, and appreciate input from others. Don't be scared, I don't bite.

Hard :]

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Movie Critic

So recently I've seen more movies at the cinemas than any other time I can remember. This makes me feel I should be getting paid for a magazine to do so (hey, a boy can dream!) but anyways, I thought I might rate the movies I have seen lately.

Rating System: 1* Star Bad movie, 10* is an excellent movie.

X-Men 3 ****
Benchwarmers *******
Pirates of the Carribean 2: Dead Man's Chest *******
Click ********
Cars ***********
The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift ******
Superman Returns *********

And other stuff I've watched more recently:

Trainspotting **
Nepoleon Dynamite ******
Snatch ***
Scrubs (series 1-3) **********
Fight Club **********
Billy Madison ********
Fantastic 4 *******

So apparently Spider-Man 3 will be coming out in May 2007, and already they have announced the bad guys, which gives away the plot (well the movies trace their story from the comic series and the television animated series, so no surprise there!). One of the new bad guys Spidey will have to face are The Sandman who like the name suggests can use his body as a weapon, making massive sandstorms and generally using this to his advantage, as being made of sand there isn't much that can stand in his way when it comes to a bank robbery or the such. This should be exciting because the actor chosen to play Sandman is actually a very buff looking Thomas Haden Church which is a good pick. Reprising their roles are Tobey Macguire as Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane Watson, James Franco as Harry Osborne (or maybe the New Green Goblin) and Stan Lee should hopefully pop up somewhere in this film too, he seems to play a very good mailman (see Hulk and Fantastic 4).

Topher Grace who is best known as the geek from That 70's Show is apparently in this film's list of actors, which makes me believe he fits the part of Eddie Brock, the photographer from the Daily Bugle which is made reference to in the first Spidey film. If so, this could also mean something very good which I've been wanting to see happen since the introduction of the first film, which is The Alien Costume saga.
For those who aren't familiar with this part of the Spider-Man lore, Spidey gets this weird meteorite from space (in the series) or uses this ingeneous contraption (Secret wars comics) to find a strange costume which adapts to his Spidey suit making the costume black, with a big white bug insignia on the front. But I'll leave that story there, as I hope not to ruin any of the plot for those who don't know yet (you should! roar....).

Friday, July 07, 2006


Ever since I have quit World of Warcraft I cannot say how bored I was till Jono lent me the first three series' of Scrubs on DVD. I've now watched Series 1 and 2 (4 disks and 6 episodes timing around 30min per episode so around 3 hours per disc) all that, plus disks one and two of season three.

Someone tell me, is this a life better than playing a game for 12 hours a day? Yes.


Tuesday, July 04, 2006

New Raid Instance Idea for WoW

While talking to Jono the other idea I came up with a way to pitch real life back to those people addicted to World Of Warcraft in some hope of getting those too obsessed into getting some excercise away from the computer screen. This is in no way to diss those who do, just a generalisation. Considering only one person who plays WoW I know looks at this thread, I'll just let her know individually. Babe, I'm not offending you I promise. Now with the generalisations out of the way and the carefully placed safety net intact, I shall begin.

This idea I hope to pitch to the makers of World Of Warcraft. This is an idea for an instance in-game that is made for the purpose of getting 'epic' items from the 'dungeon.

The raid dungeon contains parents, whose evil grasp on the 'kitchen of yummy stuff' has become diabolical, and there are even rumors of treats and exceptionally made liquids contained within the shelves and refridgerator. The map is a normal, massive kitchen with Parentus Massiveus Guardians guarding all cupboards with the final boss Kitchen Ruler Mother presiding over the refridgerator.

This instance is designed with the following prizes in mind for killing the creatures inside, and stealing their bounty from inside their treasure troves of fortune.
You are exceptional at all you do. This food will increase your healing by 200% on a chance when healing. That should keep those main tanks happy.
Your pet now shows you an effection unseen by any others. Eating this food will make your pet more likely to be attracted to your leg for some reason.
When drinking this liquid, you will be more likely to have your Frost Nova stick YOU to the ground too. That should teach you to run from combat you wuss.
Your Imp will now let off another sort of gas, which has a chance to poison you and itself with the 'Methane Poision'.
The most holy of communion. This bread will somehow increase your lastability in combat and make your defensive skill raise higher than the nearest Warrior. Therefore you can finally tank things.
This bread gives you an attraction of none other. You smell terrible and enemies can't help but keep you in their sights no matter where you run. They want to kill you first above all else. This means they will ignore everyone else. Your lunch!
Holy water doesn't get much better than this. Your powers to heal inside of the Shadow Form is now drastically improved so you can heal in a corporeal form, and its about time too! Take that aggro druids!
You overbuffed bulls of the Horde, you should all burn in hell for your constant showoff matches in PvP combat. This bread upon picking up will make your defenses drop to zero whenever you enter PvP matches. That should stop you from over crowding one class group into PvP matches.
Strangely this water has different effects. If you are a Horde rogue this will only make you disappear, and stay there until the patch is fixed! (which trusting Blizzard, could be around 4 months.) So enjoy your timeout, and remember to think about all those druids you like to pick on while in WSG just because we can take off faster than you in Cat form. If you are on the Alliance though, this bread does nothing to your form, but adds your attack power +500.

So anyway I'm off to pitch the idea to Blizzard. Back soon! =D

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Top things I wanna Do

(In no particular order.)

What person doesn't want to take on this adventure I ask. Here because I still haven't got the guts up to go do it.
-Design something to make me famous.
Either that, or at least make me feel like I've accomplished something I can be proud of.
-Go to a Queens of the Stone Age concert.
Your music is legendary, favorite is still 'How to handle a rope'!
-Go snowboarding.
If not that, then skiing might be a good alternative :P
-Meet George Lucas.
The father of Star Wars himself. Why not aye?
-Travel to the US (Virginia first).
I'm working on it Star! =D
-Win a significant amount of money.
Yeah, everyone's dream is to be set for the rest of their life. I'd probably give half to a charity or something, just so I didn't feel like I was putting all the money into myself.
-Repaint my car.
Hrm, shiny metallic blue with carbon fibre hood and roof scoop with massive trolley handle and engine that wakes the neighbours with a stereo system to rival jets flying overhead.
-Survive a movie marathon.
Never tried it, but it might be good for a laugh.
-Fire a hand weapon.
If not that, then maybe the paintball gun will do.
-Experience how Lego bricks are made.
How do they do it so well? I've never had a single stuffed up Lego brick or a single piece missing and I've been collecting them for many years!
-Design a magazine layout.
White Dwarf, Ralph that kinda thing. To design it and it actually be used to the advantage of the magazine would totally rock.
-Learn the ways of The Force, and become a Jedi like my father before me.
Hey a boy can still dream :D
-Be recognised as a designer.
Many designers don't get recognition for the work they do, I think if I was to become one after my studies I would like to be recognised for my individuality and my style.

Probably more to come but I'll keep it updated I hope.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Breaking the Habit

Well its been almost a week since I quit World of Warcraft and haven't missed it much. But then again I have been a little busy with other things, but have thought about it a few times but the fact still remains that my online credit ran out, so going back online would involve buying another gamecard. Hehe

I do miss Starflower tho. = (
She's in MC getting more tier1 at the moment I hope, letting Jeril and Joreneth take all the aggro as per usual. = D

Anyways, I'm off to work!