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Thursday, August 03, 2006


Matt Striker a 'pro wrestler' with a big mouth on recently posted this about our fair country. From :

With pad and quill in hand (a quill is an ink pen with a feather in it for
those of you not “in the know”) I welcome you into “The Continental Classroom.”
(You see, Australia is a con-tin-ent and my forum is called the classroom ...and
you get the idea.) The following is a list of things that we WILL NOT do in the

1. I refuse to answer to or refer to anyone as “mate.” I am not a boating
enthusiast, nor am I fan of slang.
2. I will not engage in or wish anyone a “g’day.” Conjunctions (two words
joined together by an apostrophe to form a single word) are for the lazy and I
refuse to stoop to the level of the locals.
3. No matter how exhilarating or fascinating I find something, never once
will it be described as “bonzer.”
4. I will not consume anything prepared on a “barbie.”With that said, we’re
off to the land of Outback Jack, Superstar Bill Dundee and Bon Scott (feel free
to look these names up). I have to admit: I am very excited. This will be the
fourth continent I have visited in my wrestling travels. I suppose you can call
me a “mental missionary,” seeing as how I spread wisdom wherever I go.

Alright loser, heres what you should know about Australia.

1. The word 'Mate' is not a slang term. It is used to refer to someone as a friend, so since you have no friends I don't see you needing this word at all.

2. We are not lazy for having the word 'G'day' within our social dictionary. At least we are a country who are creative enough to shorten things down. Something you could never learn from a 'teacher' such as yourself.

3. The word 'Bonzer' isn't used any more. You missed the 70s in Australia, stop trying to bring back the past, and update your American/Australian lingo.

4. I hope you don't consume anything on a barbie because preferably it is good food, and the less you like it the less inclined you will be to stay in our country.

For a 'teacher' you haven't researched Australia enough. If it was my graphic design teacher you would find that as inadequate research and fail you instantly.

/beef against asshat.


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