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Monday, August 07, 2006

Ideas for Munchkin cards

The following are some of my ideas for the blank cards in the Munchkin expansion series.

-Clean Lauren & Eorl's apartment. Miss 2 turns.

-Sooper Glue: Your fingers are stuck together! This prevents you from using any +Bonus cards until your next turn. No card or armor

-The Son of Rohan is losing!: Anyone who was named after a character in The Lord of The Rings may choose to use this card against an opponent when they are losing. This card can also be played by those who changed their names to the proper spelling, and any other person who was named after a fictional character from a medieval story. Adds +10 to the level of the monster/s in play.
-Twan-Twan: Can be sliced open during combat to give a +5 in combat. After this remove this card from play. Normally gives +1 to combat because you are considered taller.

-XVII Sports Car upgrade: Mount now has more speed! All curses will now miss you as long as your mount is still in play. Usable only once on one mount. If the mount is taken from play so is this upgrade.
-The Emo Fan (level 4): A sad, discouraged person who listens to depressing music. -2 to elves. Can be beaten instantly if a Dwarf laughs at The Emo Fan. 1 treasure.

-The Parent With Annoying Knowledge Of Every Abba Song Ever Written! (level 20): Ahhh! +3 against any human unless using Earplugs. 4 treasures, 2 levels if defeated.

-The N00b player (level 1): A begger of the virtual world. Just kill it so we don't have to explain anything to it or give it any of our treasure. 1 treasure (How they got it, we'll never know.).
-The 'I'm tired - I'm going to bed' potion: The monster has no regard for your presence in his dungeon, and refuses to fight you. Unfortunately works on players also, with 'L' as the first letter in their name. May choose to sleep at any time, no matter the surface.

-Wizard's Strong Brewed-Black-Caffinated-Beverage: +5 to combat for the next turn. Usable only once. On your next turn roll a dice. If you roll 4 or less your Bonus cards are not usable in this turn only, it seems the Wizard's brew has sent you into a sugar crazed fit of giggles.
-Earplugs of Haha, I can't hear you!: One of the best ways to stop monster's songs. Can also be used against 'Annoying pop song on loop'. Headgear.

-Annoying Pop Song On Loop. +3 against any monster with ears. No other player may help you in this battle and you must face the monster alone if this card is in play.

Probably more to come at a later date.


  • At 6:33 PM, Blogger MiteysMum said…

    I know a song that'll get on your nerves, get on your nerves, get on your nerves.......

  • At 4:09 AM, Blogger Lauren said…

    I promised I'd comment- okay, I'm commenting!

    I think cleaning our flat should be worth more than 2 turns!

    But otherwise, I think your ideas are sooper! Particularly "The son of Rohan is losing", and the "I'm tired, I'm going to bed" potion. It's nice to think you've made up personalised cards for Eorl and I!

    As an aside, if the Son of Rohan wasn't such a sore loser, then the game might not take so long, then the sleeping creature might not make such hasty exits part way through the game!


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