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Thursday, August 24, 2006

More Ideas For Munchkin Cards

Here are some more ideas for your amusement.

-Play Scrabble against Mum:

You are distracted. This bites because your using all your brain power to think of ways to foil her in her own game. For the next 3 turns you cannot assist another player with their combat, or take combat yourself.

Bad Stuff: Now go think of some words to scrabble, and come back when she flogs you!

-The Cute Little Harmless White Bunny Rabbit. (level 15)

Looks can be decieving, or haven't Monty Python movies taught you not to trust such things?
Bad Stuff: The player and any player assisting must remove 1 level.

-The Pied Piper (head+1h item)
(Image of a smiling Piper with a pie splattered all over his/her face)

Add +3 to your combat. If a curse card is played that makes you loose one small item, your head item or all weapons this card is taken away.

-Big 'Ol Bag of Miracles.

No Curse cards may be played against you in this round of combat. Also dispells all curses from you. Can only be played once, except when Eorl and Banjo decide to gang up on Lauren because she is winning.

-Cranky Old History Teacher. (Level 10)
Don't get in their way, or you'll be researching The Life and Times of Henry the 8th or Hitler's Moustache Brushing Techniques.

Bad Stuff: After-School Detention. Miss one turn and don't do it again!


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