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Monday, November 27, 2006

Autarch conversion

So here is my basis for the conversion I am working on for a conversion/painting competition in Parramatta towards the end of next month.
It is based primarily on the parts from the new Eldar Dire Avengers Exarch plastics, along with the banner poles from the Autarch range.

What I hope to accomplish is a plastic conversion which uses some really cool arm swaps and rummaging around the bits boxes of my own, and that of my best friends.
The pose started as two dire avenger legs, but once the Necron torso was discovered I tried to tie the model into the rest of the range by having one leg up on a peice of battlefield terrain so it would fit in well. The legs are two different halves from the Eldar Guardian sprues, which have been trimmed to give the pose its dynamics, even though the bum cheeks don't line up at all. This will be avoided by sculpting a cape on it's back.

Jono gave me the idea for the force shield and pistol on the same arm, and cutting it proved simpler than usual, and cutting the arm off the force sheild, and cutting the pistol arm in the same way was a simple dry test run to figure out how much to leave there.

So that is the model assembled, the next parts will include:-
  • Sculpting Mandi-blasters on the helmets sides.
  • The robes around the torso, along with insignias.
  • The cape which will be made of greenstuff
More to come, check back soon!


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