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Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Just went back to iTunes to see what was new, and when I went to download a new song (an old song, which I will call new because it was only just added to my collection) it told me I needed iTunes 7.0 or more! The outrage of it all.

I was annoyed that these big corporates will continue to take my money away with their advertising and continuous 'nessecary' downloads. Haven't they understood that they are now the biggest music download company in the world and that they don't need to keep draining everyones pockets?
No, my mistake. This is run by Apple, and that says a lot.

What I do like is the new interface that allows you to view the album cover of the track currently playing, almost as though you are looking at the albums in the window of a jukebox.

If Windows Media Player picked up on this I would be even happier because thats where I copy all my music to in order to put it into my MP3 player. I didn't want an iPod - they smell funny.


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