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Monday, September 04, 2006

Crikey Steve. Farewell to an Icon

Yesterday one of Australia's icons was killed while doing what he loved. Steve Irwin was filming a new episode for his documentary/television show when he was attacked and eventually killed in a remote part of The Great Barrier Reef on Queensland's east coast.

Like many others, I feel that this conservationalist, national icon, father figure and all around true blue aussie will be well missed both here at home by his family and by all those who appreciated what he did for Australia.
Probably one of the best summaries I have read about his life was made by Andrew Denton from Enough Rope on the ABC:

"I never saw a side to him that was different to his public side. He lived in capital letters and he seemed to have a lot of exclamation marks with him as well"

Australian Prime Minister John Howard:

"I am quite shocked and distressed at Steve Irwin's sudden, untimely and freakish death. It's a huge loss to Australia. He was a wonderful character. He was a passionate environmentalist."

Phone-lobbing actor Russel Crowe:

"He was the Australian we all aspire to be. He was, and remains, the ultimate wildlife warrior. He touched my heart. I believed in him. I'll miss him. I loved him and I will be there for his family."


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