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Mitey:{noun. Mi-gh-tea} 1.The result of a mix of the following ingredients: art, design, rock music, cereal, boredom, caffeine and insanity.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Left, right, left, right, splat!

This image may explain why I am not at my computer Monday nights. But if it doesn't, let me reiterate.

Timothy and myself spend our Monday nights skating in the park in Bonnyrigg, which includes scenic paths, beutiful wide open spaces, concrete, and a skate ramp.

Sounds lovely? Yes. Indeed.

Tried doing the 'bowl' in skates. Its a learning experience, but the only way to learn how to do one of these sports is to stack it heaps.

So not having fallen on my ass at this stage, proves I haven't learnt anything yet.



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