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Mitey:{noun. Mi-gh-tea} 1.The result of a mix of the following ingredients: art, design, rock music, cereal, boredom, caffeine and insanity.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

RAWR Tonight!

Tonight on Monday Night RAWR! (taped on a Friday) we shall see the WWE Champion Ardu defend his title against the upcoming star Mitey!

Without a doubt the match was fairly fought, but Mitey got the advantage while the WWE Champion was busy checking his hair in a small mirror he had bought to the ring. Mitey took advantage using a well placed DDT through one of the barricades. He then dragged him into the ring for the big finale, The Portrait! (drawing him in such a disgusting and grotesque way as to psyche-out the opponent) and covered him for the win!

Here is a picture of the new champion after the match.

(No idiots were harmed in the making of this blogger entry.)


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