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Monday, November 27, 2006

Autarch conversion

So here is my basis for the conversion I am working on for a conversion/painting competition in Parramatta towards the end of next month.
It is based primarily on the parts from the new Eldar Dire Avengers Exarch plastics, along with the banner poles from the Autarch range.

What I hope to accomplish is a plastic conversion which uses some really cool arm swaps and rummaging around the bits boxes of my own, and that of my best friends.
The pose started as two dire avenger legs, but once the Necron torso was discovered I tried to tie the model into the rest of the range by having one leg up on a peice of battlefield terrain so it would fit in well. The legs are two different halves from the Eldar Guardian sprues, which have been trimmed to give the pose its dynamics, even though the bum cheeks don't line up at all. This will be avoided by sculpting a cape on it's back.

Jono gave me the idea for the force shield and pistol on the same arm, and cutting it proved simpler than usual, and cutting the arm off the force sheild, and cutting the pistol arm in the same way was a simple dry test run to figure out how much to leave there.

So that is the model assembled, the next parts will include:-
  • Sculpting Mandi-blasters on the helmets sides.
  • The robes around the torso, along with insignias.
  • The cape which will be made of greenstuff
More to come, check back soon!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

November fill-in

Hello kind reader,

Sorry I have not entertained you with my weird and mysteriously hilarious and ludicrous adventure stories of late, but things have been happening. After I got my cast off my arm from the rollerskate accident, I've taken my health into consideration and bought myself wrist pads to protect my wrists (no duh) when I skate, and also purchased a new helmet so I can consider myself safe enough to venture out of the house once again.

September was about the time when the cast came off, and since then I have reapplied myself to my TAFE studies, and my job once again. Unfortunately the good feeling didn't last from my arm being out of the cast as I was accused of horrendous actions at work, which eventually led to me resigning from the position. I am now looking for something in my chosen field of Graphic Design as my next job, but offering have not been very fruitful.

Seeing as it is coming up to the end of the year and to Christmas and the holidays that come with the time off, I have decided to get some temporary work during this time, so I can earn some money. Places might include my local Games Workshop store, or even in one of the stores in my local area.
My beef with the events around this holiday season is that Christmas for me growing up always meant presents, and family and getting the message of the Bible, and the gift God sent us through his Son to take away our sins.
Lately though, through the last 3-4 years I have noticed a growing number of people who celebrate the holiday but don't acknowledge it for what it is really about, which is Jesus being born into our world.
Some people believe we celebrate it because Santa Claus (an original concept of Coca-Cola Amatil in America) brings presents, or some other shit around the idea, but not getting the full message.

The full message is this dear readers. God sent Jesus, his one and only Son into this world through the womb of the virgin Mary to give hope to humanity. The Holy Spirit was sent down to prophesy to nearby farmers, who bought gifts of gold, frankincense and murr to baby Jesus, in recognition that this was their King, born in a manger (yeah, the inn was full in Bethlehem. Stupid tourist season...)

So that is the idea behind Christmas. The reason (if I wasn't clear I apologize for you having to read this again) I write this is because Christmas is about giving thanks to God for sending His Son to die for us, and not about the feeble idea of getting another public holiday for a booze up with family members.

Anyway in other news, I have been hit by a car, lost my job, found a good friend (and a fellow Star Wars nutter), have moved bedrooms and am looking forward to the new year to start things rolling on a job in Design, and looking forward to completing my Diploma

Have a very Merry Christmas! (if I don't update this till January!)