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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Top things I wanna Do

(In no particular order.)

What person doesn't want to take on this adventure I ask. Here because I still haven't got the guts up to go do it.
-Design something to make me famous.
Either that, or at least make me feel like I've accomplished something I can be proud of.
-Go to a Queens of the Stone Age concert.
Your music is legendary, favorite is still 'How to handle a rope'!
-Go snowboarding.
If not that, then skiing might be a good alternative :P
-Meet George Lucas.
The father of Star Wars himself. Why not aye?
-Travel to the US (Virginia first).
I'm working on it Star! =D
-Win a significant amount of money.
Yeah, everyone's dream is to be set for the rest of their life. I'd probably give half to a charity or something, just so I didn't feel like I was putting all the money into myself.
-Repaint my car.
Hrm, shiny metallic blue with carbon fibre hood and roof scoop with massive trolley handle and engine that wakes the neighbours with a stereo system to rival jets flying overhead.
-Survive a movie marathon.
Never tried it, but it might be good for a laugh.
-Fire a hand weapon.
If not that, then maybe the paintball gun will do.
-Experience how Lego bricks are made.
How do they do it so well? I've never had a single stuffed up Lego brick or a single piece missing and I've been collecting them for many years!
-Design a magazine layout.
White Dwarf, Ralph that kinda thing. To design it and it actually be used to the advantage of the magazine would totally rock.
-Learn the ways of The Force, and become a Jedi like my father before me.
Hey a boy can still dream :D
-Be recognised as a designer.
Many designers don't get recognition for the work they do, I think if I was to become one after my studies I would like to be recognised for my individuality and my style.

Probably more to come but I'll keep it updated I hope.


  • At 6:26 AM, Blogger Lauren said…

    Mikey, I recommend ""

    Sign in, and make your list there.
    Then you can add it to the sidebar of your blog, like I did. And then everyone can see how much progress you're making.

    As for the things on your list,
    Paintballing doesn't sound fun. Unless it's the throwing balls at a person in white overalls thing (think "10 things I hate about you").

    Snowboarding? Don't start your snow experience on the dark side! Skiing is far better! It is one of my goals to one day take you to the snow (see:

    A movie marathon could be fun- they're usually on long weekends, aren't they? We might have to wait until the October long weekend to do that...


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