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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

New Raid Instance Idea for WoW

While talking to Jono the other idea I came up with a way to pitch real life back to those people addicted to World Of Warcraft in some hope of getting those too obsessed into getting some excercise away from the computer screen. This is in no way to diss those who do, just a generalisation. Considering only one person who plays WoW I know looks at this thread, I'll just let her know individually. Babe, I'm not offending you I promise. Now with the generalisations out of the way and the carefully placed safety net intact, I shall begin.

This idea I hope to pitch to the makers of World Of Warcraft. This is an idea for an instance in-game that is made for the purpose of getting 'epic' items from the 'dungeon.

The raid dungeon contains parents, whose evil grasp on the 'kitchen of yummy stuff' has become diabolical, and there are even rumors of treats and exceptionally made liquids contained within the shelves and refridgerator. The map is a normal, massive kitchen with Parentus Massiveus Guardians guarding all cupboards with the final boss Kitchen Ruler Mother presiding over the refridgerator.

This instance is designed with the following prizes in mind for killing the creatures inside, and stealing their bounty from inside their treasure troves of fortune.
You are exceptional at all you do. This food will increase your healing by 200% on a chance when healing. That should keep those main tanks happy.
Your pet now shows you an effection unseen by any others. Eating this food will make your pet more likely to be attracted to your leg for some reason.
When drinking this liquid, you will be more likely to have your Frost Nova stick YOU to the ground too. That should teach you to run from combat you wuss.
Your Imp will now let off another sort of gas, which has a chance to poison you and itself with the 'Methane Poision'.
The most holy of communion. This bread will somehow increase your lastability in combat and make your defensive skill raise higher than the nearest Warrior. Therefore you can finally tank things.
This bread gives you an attraction of none other. You smell terrible and enemies can't help but keep you in their sights no matter where you run. They want to kill you first above all else. This means they will ignore everyone else. Your lunch!
Holy water doesn't get much better than this. Your powers to heal inside of the Shadow Form is now drastically improved so you can heal in a corporeal form, and its about time too! Take that aggro druids!
You overbuffed bulls of the Horde, you should all burn in hell for your constant showoff matches in PvP combat. This bread upon picking up will make your defenses drop to zero whenever you enter PvP matches. That should stop you from over crowding one class group into PvP matches.
Strangely this water has different effects. If you are a Horde rogue this will only make you disappear, and stay there until the patch is fixed! (which trusting Blizzard, could be around 4 months.) So enjoy your timeout, and remember to think about all those druids you like to pick on while in WSG just because we can take off faster than you in Cat form. If you are on the Alliance though, this bread does nothing to your form, but adds your attack power +500.

So anyway I'm off to pitch the idea to Blizzard. Back soon! =D


  • At 4:40 PM, Blogger MiteysMum said…

    Thanks Mike, I'll keep a closer watch on the fridge from now on!


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