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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Long artistic streak coming!

Maybe you don't know about this, but I collect Warhammer 40,000 and spend my time under the banner of the Imperium with my two armies which I have been collecting for many years, prior to their new codexes. The first army I fell in love with was the Sisters of Battle. This band of sisters was dedicated to the preservation of the churches of Terra and to the eradication of those who threatened the Imperium of Mankind. This was an army that I never saw much of, so it increased my interest in it as when people would ask what army I played I would say 'Sisters of Battle'. Most of the reactions were mocking gestures sometimes served with a side of uncontrollable laughter. That was until I stood victorious over their ruined army of Space Marines or Tau.

So many years later I decided to return to my roots and reignite a passion for the Space Marines. Knowing well that the new codex was due and with it various Special Characters, I set about to figure out which ones I wanted to use. In conclusion to all my research I came across the seige masters of the Imperial Fists chapter, and their leader Commander Lysander in some sweet termie armour.
So The Sisters of the Matyrd Flesh and The Imperial Fists 3rd Battalion were born.

Last year I purchased enough blisters to make up a full unit of Dominions (a Fast Attack choice sporting some nice assualt weapons) and two boxes of Space Marine Scouts to make a full squad of 10 ( a Troops choice and valuable infiltrators) So for the last 7-8 months they have been sitting in a box but now I have enough attention to complete them!

So right now my desk looks literally like a warzone with all the attention passing between those models, but as well as some late additions!
Less than 6 months ago there was a conversion on Games that involved the new Rhino troop tank MK3 and the old metal components for the Vindicator model. This careful combination was the firepower I needed so I set out to start one, painted it poorly and stopped. Then there is the chaplain I bought yesterday, to fill up a HQ choice in my Space Marine Command Squad.

So enough to say that I will have my work cut out for me in the coming weeks!


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