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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Ideas for the next season of The OC

Ok, so I watch The O.C, but trust me when I say it gets chicks attention (hey, them laughing at me is still classed as attention!) But here are some ideas for the next season:

-Summer drops out of College and becomes a stripper, putting The OC up to an R rating, and also getting more male veiwers instead of teenybopper 15 year old girls who haven't hit puberty yet.
-Seth finally admits to coming from another planet/galaxy (one far, far away!)
-Ryan gets a car, and doesn't manage to get it destoryed during the same season!
-The OC hooks up with crap soapie Passions and somehow ressurect Marissa. Bleh, forget that one.
-Film it in Australia. Apparently our beaches are better, and so is the price of hiring studios and getting closed sets. Neighbours and Home&Away make this evident enough.
-Sacrifice Marissa's mum to some weird abomination created by one of Seth's flawed science projects.
-Just sink the Californian coast into the ocean. Then we can retain it as The OC, but it will stand for Ocean County.
-Bring on some better musical acts. I would like to see some of the following: Queens of the Stone Age, Eagles of Death Metal, Grinspoon, Powderfinger, Smashing Pumpkins, Silverchair, Foo Fighters. All of these would be suitable.
-Write something like the Home&Away script. Rating are getting low so have a hurricane and a fire and a prison break and an emergency plane crash all in the one hour episode.

Maybe they might see my suggestions, and ask Seth Mcfarlane (Family Guy) to direct.

-If Mcfarlane is chosen to direct, Summer and Seth have a baby boy who tries to kill his mother, is a little bit homosexual and a mad genius. Call him Stewy.


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