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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Sick of reality television

This is a grand Crusade. In this epic battle there are two sides. Those who believe reality television is an interesting insight into the lives of others, and the other side who see this act of snooping into situations of other persons private lives condescending and perverted. You can probably guess that I hope to wipe out reality television shows such as the infamous big prize winning shows such as 'Survivor' and 'Big Brother' but what are we for watching these faeces of television?

The reason I write this is because as a watcher of pay TV I can not help but notice the number of ridiculous television shows springing up in some hope of attracting people!

For example in this years Big Brother AU there was a 'turkey slapping' to another housemate who had both male persons involved booted out of the house. Then there are the infinite amount of date shows on MTV and others promising to hook someone else up with their perfect date by either blindfolding them and making them lick cream off their toes, to messing around with the items contained in their bedrooms!S

o my idea for reality television is this. Take a big stick of dynamite and apply generously to say reality television programme. Light the fuse and run.

With enough luck Gretel Keleen will be caught in the explosion along with her wardrobe and she might look better for being covered generously in dresses and pants instead of hanging out of her indecent frocks of teenage nature.
Give it up grandma!

Another thing that frustrates me about these shows is they intend to isolate the contestants to get some more 'reality' going in some hopes of creating tension between people. How are you supposed to know what anyone is like when they are locked up like prisoners and made to do things that they don't normally do in everyday life like some sort of circus clown?Easy, this is the result of a nationwide gathering of idiots that want their faces on television in some hope of making a name for themselves. I think Rove McManus said it right a few weeks back.

"...Big Brother these days just seems to be a place to show off your latest breast enlargement or come out as a gay farm hand. Or to prove that you are one of the most boring people in Australia."
[Maybe not word for word but the short funny guy had a valid point!]

So grab your pitchforks and torches and your 'I hate your dress Gretel' pickets and join the queue of people who are seeing through this trash television.

And while you’re at it, bring back Cheez TV! Bloody channel 10...


  • At 1:20 AM, Blogger Carris said…

    Yes, YEs YES!!!! Bring back the good old shows! I remember watching cheese TV in the mornings with my older brother. oh, those were the days. Shows such as Big Brother anoy me so much! Just because of the fact that they are so UN-realistic. I think Big Brother is possible the main offender here.
    What ever happened to salior moon? or those tiny little clay models running around?? what about pengu! and captin planet!?!?
    Silly TV stations, if i had my way, it would be cartoons all day:P
    ( well acually maybe not all day... I do like the occasional slight soapy)
    lol - carris


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