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Monday, June 26, 2006

Saying Goodbye to WoW

Contrary to popular belief my life over the last 11 months has been overrun with stresses and strains that demanded attention and I felt an escape was inevitable. Hence World Of Warcraft. I used this as an escape from the real world and have now discovered that this escape was unnessesary and foolish on some occasion as it became and obsession and started effecting my health and my life. I'm sorry to say that I will be taking a break from the game with no forseeable return in the future at this stage. If I do return it would be on a smaller time frame.

But I will miss the many friends I made online. Remember guys I still do get emails, so you can contact me there, as well as AIM and MSN accounts are both active. I didn't consider myself the best druid player but it was nice to play in a few premiere guilds during my time which included joining the ranks of Dungeon Kings, Endless, The AT/Qiraji and finally the guild I will always call home on WoW, Night Eternal.

The following people will never be forgotten
-Star (Forever and ever babe. <3)
-Gorum (take care shorty!)
-Tistal (Bestest sister award!)
-Jeril (Take care of MY Starflower mate)
-Dinosaur (Wrath mate.)
-Terenpy (thanks for the entertainment)
-Kozzus/Krystallic (you two really knew how to push my buttons!)
-Pataris (Keep the epics, I'll take the life.)

Many others I didn't mention but the list goes on. Thanks for being there guys.


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