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Saturday, May 20, 2006

The following post is a ripoff of my sister Lauren. I stole it from her page and thought I would play with it. Look out for the Green text. Thats me!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

"love it or leave it" vegemite sandwich
If you want to know how not to eat a vegemite sandwich- check this out: Vegan Lunch Box: Aussie Tucker If you are a real Australian - You would know Vegemite goes on bread, and bread goes into mouth. 'Nuff said there.] I came across Vegan Lunch Box one day, and occasionally have a look at it, just to see what Jennifer Shmoo is feeding her little boy. I'm certainly not a vegan [The staff at Maccas might miss you if you became one Loz, don't disappoint them] , but I am always a bit amused by her creativity, and the fact that any kid would eat her creations!But when I saw the header Aussie Tucker, I though she might have come up with something I would eat...I have never heard of anyone in Australia eating anything like the "love it or leave it" vegemite sandwich! As a kid on camps, we used to dare people to eat gross things [Watching people eat baked beans off the floor while doing push-ups was always my personal favourite!] .I think that a sandwich with vegemite, vegetarian ham (I figure this does not come from pig), pineapple, shredded carrot, and mayonnaise qualifies as a gross thing to eat!Vegemite goes on bread/biscuits with butter or margarine. [I think we know what Vegemite is by now Loz /yawn.] It's also great with cheese. [Now you've lost the plot. The only good cheese is on a pizza!]You can put it in some recipes (it goes nicely in things with beef mince, like lasagne or spaghetti bolognaise).But I won't go much further than that! [Thanks.] I also, by the way, have never ever heard of a Mum putting it in a babies bottle... I wonder who gave "Aunt Nettie" that idea!If you have stumbled across this entry, and are wondering about vegemite, try:The Official Vegemite website or Wikipedia. And I would advise against believing anything that the Americans have to say about Australia's favourite brand name!(Even if they do technically own vegemite...)

Now it is my turn.

KFC is yum. Tasty chicken would have to be a weekly favorite of Jono and myself. We eats there just to chat and have general dude conversations. ("dude!" "sweet" etc) I have never heard of anyone using KFC to cure any diseases or anything and I'm pretty sure going to their website would only make me all the more hungry! So with that in mind... (goes to the kitchen for some Just Right and Rice Bubbles)... ok I'm back. Now, where was I?

Ah yes. KFC *is inaudible through the crunching of Rice Bubbles and Just Right*

So did you hear the one about the musician who drinks Vodka for breakfast every day? His Rice Bubbles go Snap! Crackle! WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT!?!?


  • At 4:02 AM, Blogger Lauren said…

    Go ahead- rip me off! :op
    LOL you made me laugh with this post.

    So, are you going to rip me off some more, and join in the non-coke drinking, lots of fruit/vegetable eating challenge?
    I dare you!


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