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Monday, June 26, 2006

When Personalised Number Plates Go Wrong.

Everyone dreams of the day when they have enough money to warrant getting a very nice Japanese made, finely tuned, sleek, shiny and posh car to show off to their mates and to drive around in. That pay comes into your account and suddenly you want to show off that shiny dollar by spending it on a soft top. But then what?

Body kit? Trolley handle?
Trust me, put down Need for Speed and keep reading.

Personalised numberplates.

This is the ultimate way to show off, by the pigs (police men you uncultured swine!) tagging you with a speeding ticket under the registration number of your choice. But choose carefully!

As I was driving home from my sister's house after flogging her and my brother-in-law at their new boardgame, I noticed to my amusement the numberplate of the soft-top in front of me. Could it have gotten any worse? Check this out.

To this bloke (ego on the sleeve, trust me its a blokes car) that would probably spell ASSASINATOR, to give him some street credability. But when I saw it all I could see was

This guy clearly likes the portrayal of having a massive prosterior, and isn't afraid to tag his car's reputation on his massive behind. Maybe his job is modelling the larger man's clothing lines, hence how he earnt his keep, hence how he came to have a car he probably can't fit into comfortably, hence how he comes to being recognised for an achievement award in my blog and even benefits a post about it.

Personalised number plate for me will be MITEY1. Mitey 1 because when Jango Fett got his Firespray Class Prison Cruiser, he named it Slave 1 (hence there would be more to come, but at this time focus on it, because it is beautiful!) It will be on my shiny repainted Mitsubishi Magna which I leart to drive in, the car now being referred to as either 'blues clues' or 'blue' or 'that pile of shit over there that oddly resembles a car'. Jango Fett would be proud.


  • At 11:28 PM, Blogger Lauren said…

    I saw another great one today-
    AVO 01D. It was a hotted up WRX, and I definately would avoid it, because it looked like the kind of car likely to be doof doof-ing.


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