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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Scream for me.

WARNING: The following post contains spoilers for X-Men 3: The Last Stand. If you do not wish to ruin the movie for yourself, please ignore this post!

Can you say bad movie?
Can you say, disappointing ending?

Hey guys, went and saw X3 the other night, and I got to voice my overopinionated hate for a movie that should have been stacks better. First of all I am a fan of the comic series, and the television series from the early 90's. But this movie explores the ideas of a universe very much like these, except for the fact that a company has found a 'cure' for the so called mutant 'X gene'. The storyline also follows Jean Grey. If you watched X2 you know she was KIA, but Cyclops finds her, and Jean kills him - hey, and this is only 20min into the film!

You cannot kill off key characters! It would be like killing off Padme Amidala/Skywalker in Episode 3 of Star Wars before she even meets Anakin!

That would be humorous.

But overall it was a well deserved plot to a movie bursting with familiar characters. Juggernaut, Ice Man, Phoenix, Magneto, Pyro and dozens of others all make scenes into the plot, one of my favorite lines in the film is when Juggernaut is released from his prison, and Pyro inquires about his huge cement and battle torn helmet.
"Whats with the helmet"
Juggernaut looks at Pyro with considerable rage, then smirks and says:
"It keeps my face pretty"

I am glad that the dedication to the characters is still there. As always Wolverine has some good one liners, as does Iceman and even Rogue. The kind of individual personalities that makes the X-Men series all the more interesting for me as a fan.
But if ever you do a Marvel-based movie of any variety, don't do the following:

-Kill off key characters so early
-Take away the abilities of a fan favorite when according to other media's they gain more power later! (thanks guys, Rogue is ruined)
-Have an army of mutants but don't display their unique abilities enough in a combat that should quite clearly be all about mutant powers!
-Roar, where was GAMBIT!


A good movie to see is Benchwarmers. ROTFLMAO

Nice to see the guy from Nepoleon Dynamite in another movie role.


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