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Mitey:{noun. Mi-gh-tea} 1.The result of a mix of the following ingredients: art, design, rock music, cereal, boredom, caffeine and insanity.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

The mediocre adventures of Starflower?

Took six weeks to learn this program, but when it really came down the details, it was more about teaching myself things than it was applying what I learnt. It was an adventure learning it and I really had heaps of fun animating a clip about World Of Warcraft.

The main character is my friend Starflower. I even make a guest appearance. I'm thinking of making more of this, or even a sequel! Sorry it only goes for 30 seconds, but please do enjoy!

What you see here should resemble a red dot in a circle. But if you click it the movie will start! : )


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