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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Blackfloor Lair

Well last night I got my first taste of Blackwing Lair. 40 man raid dungeon in Blackrock Mountain about 20km out of Ironforge if your travelling by griffon. We started with Razorgore the Untamed. Basically its a 40man fight to take control if him and destroy his own eggs. Then you need to kill him. It requires heaps of preparation but also excellent timing and manouveir. I must congradulate the guys for getting him down (even if it was the 7th attempt! -.-)

After that we hit a dragon guy. Can't remember his name- but boy was he difficult. I had to leave after a few attempts for work the next morning. But Stormrage Boots dropped and I missed out. Ah well, better luck next time.

We downed a few more bosses Sunday night and started trashing our way up to Firemaw and others. We must have wiped around 10-20 times that night- so I got a pretty good view of the floor for most of the time. Gunners gave me Onyxia Scale Cloak which helped with the rest of the fights. Put +7 Fire Resistance on it to, just to make sure in future I have a greater resistance to those bosses. Currently my resist is at 150+ which is pretty useless but I'm making sure to get some more soon.


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